Charles Aweida is an artist + roboticist exploring the intersection of science, engineering, the visual arts and film. His work — focused in manipulating the physical through robotics and custom actuated machines is driven by digital representations of the natural world. Charles experiments and researches new ways of leveraging robotics as a creative medium through his experimental lab in Oakland, CA. For updates subscribe below. For inquiries email 

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First completion in a series of robot-fabricated fine art pieces titled "Abstract Representations of the Natural World." The process includes a 6 axis Kuka industrial robotic arm, custom fabricated nails, closed cell high-density foam and a custom engineered vibratory nail feeder.

Pattern and toolpath generated by a simulation of two virtual chemicals reacting and diffusing on a 3D grid using the Gray-Scott model. Machined by a KUKA Agilus KR10 R11

Representing wind through digital fabrication and the tangible is a new media art piece centered around tangible artifacts driven by intangible forces. In this case a sculptural data visualization generated from the forces of wind.

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