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Charles Aweida is an artist + roboticist exploring the intersection of science, engineering, the visual arts and film. His work — focused in manipulating the physical through robotics and custom actuated machines is driven by data and digital representations of the natural world. His work has shown in international art museums and galleries. Charles experiments and researches new ways of leveraging robotics as a creative medium through his experimental lab in Oakland, CA. For updates subscribe below. For inquiries email 


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First completion in a series of robot-fabricated fine art pieces titled "Abstract Representations of the Natural World." The process includes a 6 axis Kuka industrial robotic arm, custom fabricated nails, closed cell high-density foam and a custom engineered vibratory nail feeder.

Inertia — Robot Fabricated Fine Art from the series titled "Abstract Representations of the Natural World.". Inspired by rotational inertia found throughout the natural world.

Particles of the Horizon Museum exhibition, Sharjah UAE

Representing wind through digital fabrication and the tangible is a new media art piece centered around tangible artifacts driven by intangible forces. In this case a sculptural data visualization generated from the forces of wind.

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