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Cube Medical

Cube Medical is an IOT medical device used for administering and tracking non-invasive medication such as nitroglycerin, sildenafil, antibiotics and insulin through inhalation. The device is designed for patients in a home setting.  I designed and developed the UX/UI, industrial design and branding of Cube Medical for BoxUnfolded. 



Cube's industrial and user-interface design are one in the same providing visual and numerical feedback throughout the experience. Cubes color code visually informs the user throughout the heating process. The app and device glow from blue to magenta as the coil reaches its specified temperature.  


6. LED Display6. LED Display

If users forget to shut off their device it will automatically power down. Additional safety configurations allow users to lock the device through the app assuring protection from unauthorized use.


5. Proximity Powerdown5. Proximity Powerdown

Advanced sensing technology allows users to precisely monitor the temperature of the coil. Cube allows users to visualize the time, frequency and temperature over time.

Cube is expected for release early 2016.